Blog Referral

One blog that I stumbled upon on the Classroom 2.0 Ning group is David Ligon’s blog.  I find it interesting and useful because he seems to cover a wide variety of topics related to instruction and Web 2.0.  His posts are a good mix of specifics and more general topics–I think just about anyone at least somewhat interested in education and technology could find something of interest in his blog.   He’s also good about providing links to helpful resources and tagging his posts.  The other thing I like about his blog–I’m ashamed to admit–is that he doesn’t post too often that I can’t keep up…  In fact, it’s almost a case of “less is more”–I’m usually awaiting his next post, wondering what the topic will be.  *sheepish grin*

Here’s a link to the list of blogs on the Classroom 2.0 Ning group.

EPSY556: Thoughts About Creativity

After watching this week’s lecture and mulling over the question posed, I would have to say that my opinion about creativity is similar to Ken Robinson’s view of intelligence; I believe creativity is also diverse, dynamic, and distinct.  Creativity in its customary definition is too narrow in scope; creativity is not confined exclusively to artists, writers, and musicians.  I believe there is potential for everyone to be creative.  In fact, I would argue that creativity and intelligence are intertwined–that restricting one’s view of intelligence and creativity to their traditional definitions is very short-sighted.  As with intelligence, I think we all possess our own unique creative capabilities, and if properly encouraged and nurtured in the right environment, we are all capable of great things; of discovering novel ways of looking at the world and finding unique solutions to problems.