Back from Sabbatical

Not really…  But how about back from an unintended work blog hiatus?

2013 was my last post, and that’s really inexcusable considering everything that’s going on with education and technology these days.  I guess I let the day-to-day firefighting get in the way.

So…in an attempt to jump-start this blog yet again, I’m going to start chronicling my reading of this book: Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology by Michelle D. Miller.  Wish me luck.

I really enjoyed the first chapter.  So much so, that it may have subconsciously inspired me to start writing in this blog again.

I like how Miller somewhat de-mystifies the mad MOOC scramble a few years ago.  Yet she doesn’t dismiss MOOCs as mere flashes in the pan; rather she hones in on their potential as yet another tool in an educator’s toolbox.  Specifically, the merit of MOOCs as content in blended instruction or as marketing toward prospective students.

I also liked how she stated the obvious, yet not-so-obvious: As educators, we assume students will be adept at technology.  And while that’s true, it may not be as true as we think.  Students do, however, have high expectations for the technology at their chosen institution of learning–and even higher expectations for that technology to work when they need it to.

I also thought her brief section on course redesign was a helpful spark to get readers thinking about how to begin what can seem like a Herculean task.

Looking forward to chapter 2.