EPSY474 week 13 reflections

This week has been spent tweaking my paper further, using the helpful suggestions and comments from both Kona and Cheryl–mainly just polishing and bringing it all together better.

Next on my agenda, is to work on a PowerPoint for the final presentation.  I’ve been keeping the PowerPoint in the back of my mind as I’ve been working on the paper, so I think it will be manageable.  And with the paper almost completed, I think I have most of what I need for it–I just need to sit down and get started.

All in all, I’ve found the entire process very valuable.  When I come across the term “evaluation” at work and in my professional development reading/research, I feel now that I better understand it as a concept, and as a result, I think I better understand related concepts.

EPSY474 week 11 & 12 reflections

Since we were granted week 11 off, I took advantage of that time to catch up on other aspects of my life–mainly the other class I’m taking this semester.

As for week 12… I was already caught up on the readings, so most of my time was spent on the final paper, compiling everything I’d written so far, and trying to shape it into a coherent paper.  Getting started was the most difficult part because it still seemed a little daunting for some reason.  But once I got started and was able to find a good stretch of uninterruped time (not always easy), and immerse myself into the writing/editing, I made some decent progress.  But something still seemed to be missing…  And I didn’t know what.  So I enlisted the assistance of Cheryl and Kona, and they were most helpful, as always.  Kona had some very useful suggestions as to bringing everything in the paper together better, and Cheryl’s keen eye spotted some grammatical errors as well as offering some helpful questions that helped me polish the paper a little more.  (Thank you, ladies)

EPSY474 week 10 reflections

This week I was unable to devote as much time to my final project as I had intended–too much else going on.  But I did read over the sample papers provided, and I did find them helpful.  Seeing a final product with all the pieces assembled is helping me better visualize how the individual components of my project can potentially form a final paper.  Still… the sample papers I read seem much more polished than what I have so far–but maybe that’s because my project is still so fragmented.

My plan this week is to begin assembling the first draft of my final project…  And I hope that once I begin doing so, the vision of my final paper will become clearer.  I don’t really have any questions at the moment, but I predict that I will as I start bringing everything together.