Blog Title Change

I never really liked “EdTech Archive”–it sounded too dry.  I’m not sure “shoebox” is much better, but I think it more accurately reflects how I compile and store things…

Big Ten Network Finally Comes Around

According to an article I read minutes ago, the Big Ten Network has finally figured out they have been ignoring most of their target audience, and has agreed to a deal with Comcast (aka “The Devil”, in some people’s opinions).  Regardless…  Finally, college sports fans can watch their beloved teams without switching over to a dish (not that there’s anything wrong with that, necessarily) or heading out to a local bar that has a dish (not that there’s anything wrong with that, either).  I think it’s a smart business move for both BTN and Comcast.  So why am I still suspicious…?

Steve Jobs Does It Again

Apple announced a new iPhone today: the 3G, due out July 11–which I’m sure will almost literally fly off shelves at $199–substantially lower in price that the previous incarnations of the much-discussed iPhone.

Now while I don’t consider myself an Apple fanatic, I do happen to appreciate most of their products–and I wish I could afford more; I own an iPod Classic and a Shuffle, and I also tinker around with an old 667MHz G4 PowerBook that I inherited from a friend of mine.  I also have a newer G4 PowerBook as my main laptop at work (again, another cast-off).  My home PowerBook was made in 2001, and it still runs like a champ–even running Tiger as an OS.  I think their hardware engineering borders on genius in most cases, and the quality is top-notch.  I have mixed feelings about the practicality of the MacBook Air, but I digress…

Steve Jobs managed to bully AT&T into conceding to many of his terms, just so they could be the exclusive carrier associated with iPhone, and I can’t really blame them for caving–I’ve had my hands on an iPhone, and they’re quite cool.  And Apple was able to flaunt their overconfidence and market hold even more when they lowered the iPhone prices the first time several months ago, shortly after many of the more zealous fans waited in line to snatch up the very first units, drawing the ire of those very same loyal fans–who were then pacified by $100 Apple Store credit as a peace offering.

This latest price reduction and improved device makes me wonder how many more Apple fans will feel betrayed.

Will I get a new iPhone?  Probably not. Not just because I just bought a new phone and extended my Verizon contract another two years, but because now I’m a little gun-shy about new product turnaround from them…