2 thoughts on “10 Web trends to watch in 2010

  1. Scott,
    Your blog caught my attention as the semester and the year are wrapping up! We have made such advances in technology and the industry is accelerating so quickly that the top 10 trends in the article will most likely be replaced before 2010 is even over. How exciting! What’s next?!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. It has been amazing to watch the evolution of technology through the CTER program. There is so much out there, that it becomes difficult to wrap ones head around. I am excited to see these “top 10 lists come out as the end of the year approaches. I also liked the video planning to charge for content video that popped up. It’s hard to take him serious as a woman I believe to be his mother walks by, but he brings up an interesting point. Even if they charge, there will always be something free to replace it.

    Eventually though someones going to want to make money for all this free content out there, but until that day Enjoy the ride!

    Interesting post, thanks Scott.

    Matt McCulley

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