EPSY474 week 11 & 12 reflections

Since we were granted week 11 off, I took advantage of that time to catch up on other aspects of my life–mainly the other class I’m taking this semester.

As for week 12… I was already caught up on the readings, so most of my time was spent on the final paper, compiling everything I’d written so far, and trying to shape it into a coherent paper.  Getting started was the most difficult part because it still seemed a little daunting for some reason.  But once I got started and was able to find a good stretch of uninterruped time (not always easy), and immerse myself into the writing/editing, I made some decent progress.  But something still seemed to be missing…  And I didn’t know what.  So I enlisted the assistance of Cheryl and Kona, and they were most helpful, as always.  Kona had some very useful suggestions as to bringing everything in the paper together better, and Cheryl’s keen eye spotted some grammatical errors as well as offering some helpful questions that helped me polish the paper a little more.  (Thank you, ladies)