EPSY474 week 9 reflections

This week’s activity was among the most useful in this course so far, in my opinion.  While we’ve been examining and discussing the concept of Appreciative Inquiry and its various elements at length–including reading about case studies that use an AI approach–this week seemed to tie together well all the individual ideas and applications.

I chose to dissect case study #16, which dealt with how AI methods were applied to an evaluation of Chile’s health quality assurance program.  The fact that Appreciative Inquiry was not only employed for the evaluation in this case study, but that it wound up being adopted by participants for future studies is testament, I think, to the effectiveness of AI.

And the whole idea of evaluation capacity building makes sense to me, in that it’s not just about applying AI methods to a particular evaluation in the hopes of achieving better results and honing evaluation methods–as valuable as those ideas are in and of themselves–but it’s about shaping attitudes and encouraging future behaviors.  It’s about adopting Appreciative Inquiry not just within the confines of a particular evaluation, but establishing a context for an overall AI philosophy within an organization that impacts other facets of the organization.

As far as the status of my project–where I am and what I have yet to do–I think I have a decent overall structure in place, with some of the broad strokes painted–I just need to get out the finer brushes and paint a more detailed picture.

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