EPSY474 week 8 reflcections

I found this week’s survey development activity to be quite interesting.  At first glance, it seemed that creating survey questions would be easier than interview questions, but then I began delving deeper into the process with the assistance of my dyad partner, Lorikay.  Through the entire process, I developed a real appreciation for the skill of precisely wording survey questions to not only help ensure getting the needed data, but also to frame the survey in such a way that the user is in the right mindset and is compelled to provide the most truthful responses.  Plus, there’s also the component of the order of questions–not just keeping them sequential for the sake of making sense, but also creating a cognitive flow to lead the user where you need them to go.

Even though I found the moodle chat useful, I think the “think aloud” session over the phone with Lorikay worked better in some ways.  While the chat did allow for more deliberation over the wording of questions because of the visual representation, collaborating over the phone allowed for more immediate responses to feedback–there wasn’t the delay caused by typing.  Still…  I think the combination of both methods for the different components of the activity proved to be effective overall.

Even though it’s been difficult to see “down the road” how all the individual elements of our final projects fit into place, it is becoming clearer with each step.  And I think it’ll be interesting to see everyone’s final product with all the pieces in place–especially while keeping the overall process in mind.

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