EPSY474 week 7 reflections

I found this week’s activity to be among the most valuable in this course so far.  The free exchange of ideas and feedback from a fellow student is most helpful–largely due to the fact that we are all trying to wrap our respective heads around the concepts of evaluation as a whole, Appreciative Inquiry, and how everything we’re learning ties into our proposed project idea.  I felt that we were all in a similar mindset, which allowed us to better understand each other’s process of creating an interview guide, and therefore offer more insightful suggestions or criticisms.

Initially, I thought that the moodle chat would be an unwieldy tool for this activity, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy–perhaps because I’ve become more accustomed to communicating via IM-type chatting, I’m not sure.  I think doing this activity face-to-face would be interesting, as well–to see what results come about from a different interpersonal dynamic.

As I stated in my interview summary, generating these questions was more difficult that I expected.  I was pretty confident in my key evaluation questions, but when it came to actually nailing down the interview questions, it took more time and thought than I would have guessed.  And that’s a good thing–in my opinion; it forced me to look at my evaluation proposal from different angles and try to see it from the perspective if the different interviewees–which, in turn, forced me to be a little more creative and innovative in the way I phrased the questions.

Plus, it’s always helpful to hear someone else’s opinions about the progress and direction of your project.  It’s easy to develop blinders when your own ideas and opinions are what drives your decisions.  In short, it was nice to have a different set of eyes and ears contribute.