EPSY474 week 6 reflection

The key questions I chose for the second phase of my evaluation project are:

  • How well do the different departments across the UIUC campus prepare their respective students for their post-graduate education and/or careers?
  • Is there a disparity in the level of educational technologies provided across departments? And if so, how can that be remedied within budgetary constraints?
  • Would a campus-wide standard for classroom technology be a practical and effective solution for ensuring students are adequately prepared technologically?

I selected these questions because they represent the core issues surrounding my proposed evaluation.  These were the very questions that led to my idea for the evaluation–so it seemed natural to make these the key questions.  And as such, they will serve to frame other “sub-questions” that will direct the interview subjects toward the answers sought by this evaluation.  All the questions are subjective in nature, but I foresee the last question being the most problematic and complicated to answer, because it encompasses so much.  My hope is that the answers to all of these questions will become at least more apparent as interviews are conducted and survey responses are evaluated.