EPSY474 week 4 reflection

To me, the most interesting concept that came out of this week’s lessons was writing the annotated bibliography.  Before this week, the only experience I had creating bibliographies was in the more traditional sense of just citing sources.  But the idea that a bibliography can include more information other than just the author, title, copyright is intriguing to me.  How much more useful a bibliography is when the researcher compiling the resources can offer opinions about the works they’ve cited, and how they have interpreted those works–and how they fit it in to their research.  Not only does it give the reader much more insight into the researcher’s work and perceptions, but it also gives the reader a guide to additional reading–beyond the standard basic bibliography.  It’s almost the equivalent of amazon.com’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…”–except in a much more academic sense, of course.  Readers can make better-informed choices about any additional reading or research they decide to do.