New HD1080i Camcorder

My colleague in the Computer Science Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign sent me a link to a new Sanyo HD camcorder on (the site I visit to drool over technology that I will most likely never be able to afford).

I think what stunned me the most about this camcorder was its size–it looks like it literally fits in the palm of your hand. With my background in video production, I can still remember the days of lugging around an enormous Betacam SP deck, connected by an umbilicus cable to the camera, and what a pain it was to get a lot of shots–and that was standard definition video to tape. The Sanyo Xacti HD1010 not only shoots video at a much higher resolution, but it shoots slow-motion as well. Now I know this type of camera will never replace the workhorses in a professional video production environment, but what potential it still offers to independent film-makers–or even proud parents who want to start shooting home movies in HD.


2 thoughts on “New HD1080i Camcorder

  1. Hey Scott–I’m constantly wavering back and forth between wanting amazing, clear, beautiful, tiny stuff like the Sanyo, and wanting something cheap and easy. Since I’m not independently wealthy and don’t plan to be soon, I usually air on the side of cheap and easy. Like Tony and Kona said–120 bucks left at the zoo? or 900 dollars lost and gone forever, never to be seen again, at the zoo? Thanks for giving me something to ogle while I wait for my flip ultra to get here 🙂

    Nice seeing you for real on Monday!


  2. I agree: the Sanyo is way overkill for trips to the zoo and such–especially at $900. I think you Flip Ultra sounds awesome–I’m actually thinking about investing in one myself; it’s perfect for shooting nice short family videos, uploading them to YouTube, and sharing it with friends and family.

    And it was great meeting you on Monday–hope all goes well with the upcoming arrival!


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